Ayurveda talk with Dr. Padmini from Mysore Nov 28th 4 pm about Vata

I am happy to welcome again via Zoom from Mysore my Ayurveda doctor, teacher & friend Dr. Padmini. She will give an interisting & helpful talk about Ayurveda, today Vata as we are deeply in Vata times right now! : )
Take the chance to know her and to listen to an experienced, traditional & open minded doctor.
More Information about her you will find below

Topic: VATA
What does vata mean? And how can we support ourselved in vata times?
This session we can discuss how to manage vata through the year with special attention to vata seasons.How to prevent vata from aggravating in our bodies.What are the functions of vayu, the signs of its aggravation and simple management.

Sunday November 28th 4-5 pm

Price & Registration for talk & script:
30.- (Flat students 25.- ) (including all taxes)
Pls send me a message for registration & before the payment!

Biography Dr Padmini Ranganathan
Graduated from Ayurveda College in 2003. After initially working in an Ayurveda practice in Hyderabad she worked in a rural Ayurveda project in the villages of Madurai for 3 years. She then opened an Ayurveda practice in Mysore in 2007. She also conducted some seminars after 2005 in Germany on the connection between the basic principles of Ayurveda and yoga therapy. One of the themes of the seminars conducted were brahmanam and langhanam and the connection between yoga and Ayurveda on this subject. This work was continued with seminars conducted with students of Sriram in Germany, Barbara Nagel and Anita & Buckhart Roser. They also continued to conduct advanced workshops on therapy in Mysore until 2013.
Had conducted workshops on Ayurveda for yoga students and teachers in Austria in April 2019, and in Miltenberg Germany in May 2019.
Currently practices out of Mysore and teachers courses on Ayurveda for yoga students online.